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Ani’s Raw Food Durian Essentials: 4 min, 39 sec
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I’m in love with durian. I love the flavor, texture, and yup, even the scent. So, I flew myself to the other side of our planet, all the way to beautiful Bali, Indonesia, to visit during their 2 month durian season. There, I was able to enjoy a fresh durian daily, and even visited a durian farm where I ate fresh durian straight off the tree. This was the highlight of almost all my gastronomical adventures in life.

Many people in the USA have not yet seen or tried durian fruit. So, I shot this video in Seminyak, on the West Coast of Bali, as an introduction to the King of Fruit. I hope this video may encourage you to give this delectable fruit a try.

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3 Responses to “For the Love of Durian”

  1. Michelle Ebeling says:

    Wow, I lived in Singapore..yrs ago..There is a sign in the airport that says “NO Durians”..well you know..ha and said it in your video, that I am listening to now…
    I could not bring myself to eat it..the smell was over whelming. Hats off to you..I once tried a durian b’day cake!
    I just heard you speak at the Woodmark in Kirkland, WA
    this evening..came home to reserch you on the net..
    You are truly going to change the world, one cookbook at a time! You are amazing and a talented speaker.
    When will you be on the Food Network?
    Thanks and warm blessings!
    Michelle from Kirkland, WA

  2. Debbie says:

    I’m from the Philippines and we love durian! It’s also the season of durian here, so let me join you in enjoying this delicious fruit :) We also started planting some durian trees in our small farm down south. When those trees grow up and bear fruit I’ll invite you to come over and taste the harvest! (like 8 to 9 years from now?)

  3. JER0EN R0LAND says:

    I’m always in hate and love relationship with durian, i never known the dangerous of combinate Durina with alchol , we had drink durian chardonney white wine.