For Dogs: Kanga’s Sweet Potato Treats

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I made a batch of Kanga Dog Treats for my Rhodesian Ridgeback canine companion. She loves these, and asked me to share the recipe with you here on my blog so other dogs could also enjoy these treats.

It’s important to keep your dog’s gums and teeth healthy, especially if they aren’t crunching on dry kibble. These easy to make, crunchy treats will help remove plaque and freshen dog breath.

Your dog may not be used to these at first. Just like other new foods, you may need to teach pooch how to eat them by taking a bite out of one first, then giving it to pooch to try. Dogs always love what they see us eating. Especially when accompanied by yummy, delicious sounds.

Kanga is a dessert dog. She hates water and baths. She was rewarded after her lavender bath today with these treats, and was very happy.

I realize this is a recipe section where I list food for people. The good thing about raw food is that even treats for dogs could easily be enjoyed by humans. Many times, friends have come over and said “your dog eats better food that I do!” And this is so true, since Kanga eats organic, local, seasonal, and many times stuff that I eat. I joke that she’s my compost bin, eating up all my leftovers.

Kanga Dog Treats
(page 241 of Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen, the Kanga dog food chapter)

  • 2 large sweet potatoes, sliced 1/2 inch thick

Place sweet potatoes on dehydrator trays, and dry at 104 degrees F for 12 hours, or until completely dry.

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3 Responses to “For Dogs: Kanga’s Sweet Potato Treats”

  1. Hi,

    I have a pet lifestyle website, also with recipes for dogs. May I use your dog recipes for the site? I will translate them in dutch and will tell them that they are your recipes?
    I don’t have you book but maybe you have the recipes on your website? or maybe you will send them to me?

    nice regards,
    Miranda Ruchtie

  2. jennifer says:

    We’ve been trying to change our dogs diet to include raw foods and a healthier selection altogether. I like your recipe suggestions and will see if my mutt does also!

  3. Nancy says:

    My 13 year old Westie has suffered from nasty allergies since Feb. of this year. The vet recommended putting her on a salmon and sweet potato diet and she has done wonderfully. For treats I haven’t found any that did not have grain or chicken products in it, so I have been making her sweet pototo chips. I cut the raw sweet potato about 1/8″ thick and dehydrate. They are crunchy and she loves them.