Feeding My Hair with an Indian Head Massage

I gave my digestion a break today by skipping solid food and drank Energy Soup (inspired by Ann Wigmore) all day. So, I decided to feed my hair instead with an Indian Head Massage.

Our climate’s dry here in Los Angeles (a dessert), and the sun’s been bright this summer, reeking havoc on my locks. My hair felt dry and my ends brittle. So, I took my bottle of organic, extra-virgin, cold pressed olive oil into the bathroom, and poured a heaping tablespoon into the palm of my hand. I massaged the oil into my scalp and hair, and worked it through to the ends. Note to self: next time, pour the oil directly onto scalp…I have a lot of hair.

Our skin is our largest organ, and you know I like to avoid putting things on my skin that I can’t drink since it absorbs into my blood stream. Well, did you know our scalp is one of the most absorbent areas of our skin? Mine drank up more than a 1/4 cup of olive oil, and was happy for the increased blood flow and circulation from the massage.

I first discovered this massage, also known as Indian Head Massage, at a spa in Portland, OR. It alleviates stress and tension, increases blood flow and circulation, and promotes hair growth. Supposedly, this treatment done in the evening before bed helps alleviate sleeping issues, so I’m hoping it will cure the insomnia I’ve been suffering from all week long.

Choose almond, coconut, sesame, and/or olive oil since they moisturize, condition our hair, stimulate hair growth, and have a neutral scent. After your massage, wash your hair, and dry. I always choose to air dry.

Try this trick:
Wash with your conditioner first, working it from roots to the ends. Rinse. Then, wash with your shampoo, again working it from roots to ends. Rinse. You won’t need to condition again. And it’s better for your hair to reverse your conditioning and shampooing. That’s how I rinsed out my olive oil.

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3 Responses to “Feeding My Hair with an Indian Head Massage”

  1. Melissa says:

    Hi Ani,

    What products do you like to use on your skin? I try to buy all natural, organic creams etc., but I probably would not be willing to “drink” them.

    Do you use coconut or olive oil on your face and body?

    Thank you!!!

  2. jay says:

    hi ani, i love your outlook on the planet and food. but as a stylist i promise washing your hair after conditioning is 2 steps forward one step back. shampoo opens the cuticle up to remove dirt, oil, and microscopic debris. and conditioner seals the cuticle back down to protect from build up. by shampooing last you are washing the conditioner right off and not getting excessive dirt out. but running the hottest bath you can to create a steam room and drenching your skin and hair in oil is a very good way to hydrate your skin, hail and nails. i live in the midwest and experience HORRIBLE dryness problems. one thing you never want to do is go outside in the hot sun with oil on your skin or hair… you are essentially cooking yourself, lol. i look forward to more recipes, books, and inspiring humanitarian stories. peace- Jay

  3. Marie says:

    Hi there Ani,

    I understand your theory on not putting things in your hair you would not put in your body. My question is what do you wash your face with and what kind of shampoo on your hair?

    Please and thank you,

    I’ve ordered your books thank you for the inspiration.

    All the best