Ani’s St. Thomas Celebration

My family loves to take our holiday in mid to late January in honor of Mom’s birthday, and after the holiday crowds have dispersed. This year, we found our way to the beautiful island of St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.

When the water reaches out to the horizon with over 180 degree views, it’s super calming and breathtaking.

The palm trees are over 5 stories tall, and full of green coconuts that I can’t reach. It’s torture, especially since there’s a bunch right off my balcony. It took me several days before locating a coconut to drink. (Though, I think I like Thai coconuts better. They have a sweeter and fuller flavor.) I was surprised at how little fresh produce or raw foods were available on St Thomas. They were serving pineapple juice out of giant cans and were making smoothies using strawberry puree from a box! Thank goodness I packed most of my suitcase with fruits, sea vegetables, nuts, seeds, blue green algaes, and superfoods.

I met a lot of iguanas, they are so cute, and very mellow. Folks seem afraid of them, but they’re harmless.

All I want to do on holiday is play play play. One of my favorite pastimes is swimming in the warm ocean (the ocean in LA is much too cold for me). I’ve been enjoying the sun, lifting heavy weights, and running up mountains. I don’t recommend running here because the roads are very narrow, there’s no shoulder, no sidewalk, and people drive crazy. I don’t think you can ride a bike here either, and I haven’t seen one yet.

Forgive me for being a cheeze ball here, but I want to show off my ab muscles. I don’t remember seeing abs on myself since I was in middle or high school. I’m happy I upgraded my workouts from long, slow, distance to explosive, heavy, and intense workouts. I believe training with sprints and intense spikes in cardio is how we exist in nature since we have to quickly and suddenly run away from predators.

Since St Thomas is 4 hours ahead of LA, I haven’t seen a sunrise yet. But, the sunsets are gorgeous! Sitting on the beach under the stars and moon at night is such a treat. Thank you to my friends in Florida for telling me to avoid night swimming because that’s when sharks feed. As a raw fooder, you know I would have been out in the ocean swimming naked every night! Ha haaa.

5 Responses to “Ani’s St. Thomas Celebration”

  1. natsumi says:

    You looked amazing!
    (and all the pictures too)
    I saw your video interview about your training.
    I am very interested in learning how you train?
    Have been a slow, and long distance runner myself but inspired to shake things up!

  2. This looks amazing! All of it. I love iguanas. I’ve always wanted one for a pet, but don’t have the right home set-up for such a creature. It’s nice to see someone’s getting a decent vacation! Enjoy.

  3. Lercn says:

    Hey girl, You look smoking in that photo. Imagine the number of male readers you would have by just putting that pic on the front of your next book.. Happppppyyyyy B-Day to your mom hope all is well and when I get back to S Cal I will let you know. PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Meejeung Cho says:

    Beautiful photo

  5. Charana says:

    Ha! Swimming at night would of been fun tho 😀 To bad for the sharks :( Happy you had fun and shared it! 😀