Ani on The View from the Bay

I was a returning guest on The View from the Bay on Friday, Nov 13th. I love hosts Spencer Christian and Janelle Wang. I showed them how easy it is to make my famous raw vegan Chocolate Raspberry Ganache Cake, from “Ani’s Raw Food Desserts“.

Spencer Christian, host, and me on set before the live show. A big inspiration to me. Spencer was the weatherman on Good Morning America, and had his own wine show on Food Network.

janelle wang, ani phyo, spencer christian raw foods

The lovely Janelle Wang. This fellow Asian American woman is a huge inspiration to me!! Spencer loves vegan raw foods. You can tell he walks a healthy lifestyle by how great he looks.

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One Response to “Ani on The View from the Bay”

  1. Nyla says:

    I love yor website and also wondered if you or someone you know has experience with being an athlete and utilizing a raw food plan.
    I am a figure competitor and switching over to at least 90% raw (with fish as my only animal protein source.
    I am very interested on how to eat raw while still maintaining my muscle integrity.
    I am also a trainer and have had vegan (mainly) clients whose muscle tissue was not healthy and they were very weak.
    Any feedback is awesome.
    Nyla Cione
    Sarasota, FL