Touring Around Bali, Indonesia

Kintamani Volcano with Carol

Kintamani Volcano with Carol

We did the tourist route and visited Kintamani Volcano. We were lucky to enjoy this beautiful view because it rained a couple hours later and was socked in with fog.

mountain batur hike ani carol

Batur Mountain on a hike with Carol in the pouring rain

Next, we drove to the bottom of Mt. Batur to hike up the volcano. As soon as we started our hike, it began dumping rain. And I mean torrential downpour! It was no use trying to stay dry, so we chose to keep climbing. Huge blessing that the rain stopped and the sky cleared as we approached the top so we could take in the views. And once we got back down to the bottom, we went and soaked in a mineral hot spring to warm up.


our jeep

I had to put a photo of the back of our jeep in here. Our rain soaked clothes are hung up to dry, and we’re stocked up with 2 huge Montong durians. Our jeep smelled of durian from the outside. Good thing Carol and our driver both love durian as much as I do.


a pretty bug

Check out this pretty bug. Does anyone know what type of insect this is?

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One Response to “Touring Around Bali, Indonesia”

  1. Su Yee says:

    The bug should be a type of cricket.. :) I love your blogs Ani… I’m still trying to learn how to eat healthy. I’m a Malaysian who is currently in the USA, and I miss durians and all the great food in Malaysia.. Missing Malaysian food, coupled with lacking time and skills to prepare those good food made me explore alternatives to the typical food a student takes (e.g instant noodles).. I’m still far from being healthy and will definitely appreciate any advice from you! Do visit Malaysia on your next round to SE Asia..since you’ve been to Indonesia and Thailand.. 😉